Breaking the Cycle

In today’s day and age, life seems to be going normal for so many people…

  • Graduate from high school
  • Get a degree
  • Get a job
  • Get married
  • Have 2.5 kids plus a dog (we have no clue why statistics puts in half a person)
  • Work 20-30 years
  • Put away money in your 401k
  • Retire
  • Start to travel and enjoy grandkids
  • Then get buried
  • And the cycle repeats

To some people, this is what they enjoy in life. They believe that is their lot and they don’t seem to have the drive to go after anything more. Good for them…

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But there is a class of people who are driven and passionate about pursuing not only their dreams but the wildest realities that their minds have conceived. Being normal for them is both a disservice to society and detrimental to their identity. Normal is a blasphemous word in the mouths of this class of people. Here’s the mantra of the people who don’t believe in being normal:

  • These are the few that make and shape history
  • These are the few that will fight tooth and nail until dreams become realities
  • These are the few that will give all that they have to see a desired goal to come to pass, and after they’ve given it all, they still find some more to give
  • These are the few that stay up late in the night thinking of ways to break the cycle of poverty and mediocrity, and wake up early to go do something about it
  • These are the few who will work random jobs in the process of building their empire (i.e. driving for Uber, working overnight shifts, working limo services during the busiest seasons of the year, waiting tables, serving at a non-profit, fumigating homes for pests, a stay-at-home mother with 5 children, college classes at night while working during the day, etc.)
  • These are the few that generations write stories on, and movies are produced about

Who are these type of people? What is their profession? What do we call this class of unique world changers, mind shifters, reality breakers? We call them…

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These are the “Trail Gunners” in society today. Some are making moves in front of everyone to see. And some work like marines – quiet to the enemy, and first ones into a new industry/niche that is not even seen. Here’s the question you should ask yourself today:

Am I a Trail Gunner?

The reality is this: you are either a trail gunner, one in the making, a fan of the trail gunner philosophy, or an enemy. There is no middle ground. And honestly, if you’re not one of us, you’re one of them.

Who are the “them” we’re talking about?

The normal, the status quo, the ones living in comfort. They have their place in society. Among the masses of people who die rich because their dreams were never pursued. We don’t per se fight against you, but we’re definitely not for you…

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We realize though that if you’re reading this article, you more than likely are wanting to be a trail gunner in society.

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This is your first read of many to come to inspire, motivate, and help you transform to become a new class in today’s society. Whether you’re an artist, an athlete, a college student, a stay-at-home mother, a local business owner, a CEO, or just scoping the internet to see how you can change your life, this is your place to belong. Because there are more who would rather be safe and live in the comfort zone RATHER THAN risking to go into the unknown and be a part of history.

This is your place.

This is your community.

We welcome you.

Stay tuned for more to come.

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